Congratulations for being recommended by your university to apply for the CBC News 2016 Joan Donaldson Scholarship.

We will NOT consider your application without a recommendation from your university's coordinator.

Please note:

  • Candidates will just have completed their graduating year as the scholarship begins.
  • Previously nominated candidates will not be considered.
  • Candidates must be citizens of Canada or landed immigrants who can legally work in Canada.
  • The program runs from May 9 – August 26, 2016. (dates to be confirmed)
  • Candidates should be available to continue working at the CBC in Sept. 2016 following the end of the program.
  • The CBC pays work-related travel costs.
  • Scholars are paid about $600 per week.
  • Scholars are responsible for their own accommodation and living expenses.

After you have been recommended, begin the application process:

  • Go to the online application page, scroll down and click on the Donaldson Scholarship job posting.
  • Click 'Apply Online'.
  • If you do not have an account on the CBC Jobs website, you will be prompted to create one.
  • You may choose to create a 'profile' for yourself; however a profile is NOT an application. You must then proceed to apply for an internship.
  • In the "Upload Resume" section, select "I do not want to upload a resume." Save and continue.
  • In the "Attach Files" section, attach a SINGLE WORD DOCUMENT which must include your name: e.g. smith_sarah_donaldson.doc

That single Word file should include the following:

  • Cover letter (1-2 pages)
  • Resume (2 pages)
  • Critique – see instructions at
  • References (3) – Name, title, phone number, email
  • Letters of Reference (optional – 2 max) Paste these into the single Word document.
  • Portfolio: Content must be hosted on a personal or public website. Do NOT upload media files, PDFs or JPEGs.

Portfolio: You may submit one of each:

  • Online writing (text-based)
  • Online multimedia – Primarily non text-based (e.g. interactive, audio slideshow, etc.)
  • Audio clip (under 5 minutes) Include the title of the clip along with the direct link to it.
  • Video clip (under 5 minutes) Include the title of the clip along with the direct link to it.
  • Include the title of each audio and video clip along with the direct link to it.


  • We understand that you may not have samples for all the above. Submit what you have.
  • We want to see and hear your field production work and reporting skills. Do NOT submit samples of anchoring or newsreading.
  • You must choose specific pieces. Do not submit your personal website overall as your portfolio.
  • Group projects are acceptable; however you must clearly describe your own contribution.
  • If your audio or video clips are contained within a longer report, include start time code.
  • Ensure links are working and remain valid until at least April 2016 and that no password or registration is required to view them.

The deadline for completing your application is Sunday, November 8, 2015 at 10:59 PM ET.

Begin your application early. There will be NO technical assistance outside of business hours, including weekends.

Good luck. You will be notified in December whether or not you have been selected for an interview.