Winnipeg investment adviser faces discipline over railway pension funds

A second Winnipeg investment adviser, Donald Earl Phillips, is facing discipline for his handling of railway pension funds. Sep 17

Insurance broker's errors blamed for lost benefits

A Winnipeg woman wants compensation for what she says are mistakes made by her life insurance broker that cost her thousands of dollars in lost benefits. Sep 16 video

Watch Insurance broker's errors blamed for lost benefits 2:01

Real estate broker David Douglas used false identity, says securities commission

A Winnipeg real estate broker is facing charges of using a false identity, three months after the CBC News I-Team reported that David Douglas was using a phoney name in a real estate transaction.‚Äč Sep 11

'Where is the money?' Ernie Walter's investment opportunities in Belize a bust

A prominent Winnipeg architect and businessman who died late last year has left behind a trail of unresolved debts and unhappy investors. Sep 10 video

Watch Ernie Walter's investment opportunities in Belize a bust 2:42

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