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Awareness Campaign: October 2013 Archives

Family Violence Prevention - Dr. Philip Smith

Posted by Bill van Asperen

IslandMorning2013.jpgThe Premier's Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention was first formed to bring together different groups to work towards a common goal. That group operated through a couple of mandates and was nationally recognized for its work. UPEI professor Dr. Philip Smith is the chair and he joined us in the studio to talk about the committee's current work, its efforts to engage young people and to help communication with 25 different community groups and levels of government on the issue.

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Trail of the Haunted Toys

Posted by Mitch Cormier


creepykids.jpgIf you're brave enough to venture into the Cotton Park Woods this weekend you'll find some pretty creepy things. Doll heads on spikes, a bloody teddy bear and a 'creepy kid' who controls them all with his mind.

Lindsay Carroll vists the kids who put the trail together as a fundraiser for thier youth group.


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