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Island Echoes: December 07th, 2013

Island Echoes: December 07th, 2013

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Joe Confiant's Fiddle Makes It's Way To Denmark

Fionia String Band is a meeting of two generations of folk musicians with a shared passion for traditional melodies.

They deliver rustic and lively folk music from polkas and lyrical tunes to warm-hearted waltzes, mainly from the Scandinavian repertoire as well as traditional music from Québec and Cape Breton.

The band consists of two of Denmark's top fiddlers, Michael Graubæk and Jes Kroman, with Theis Juul Langlands, a teacher at Denmark's only traditional music academy, on piano.

They play with passion and intelligence and are obviously having a great time playing together. The music is easily accessible and offers a refreshingly modern interpretation of Danish traditional music.

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Stuart Cameron - Here Comes John Allen Cameron Remastered

"Here Comes John Allen Cameron" was recorded in 1968 and it was the result of a recording session that took place in a brand new studio in upper Canada.

While Stuart Cameron (the son of John Allen Cameron) wasn't even born when this all happened, he know how important the album was. That's why he decided to recover it, restore, remaster, and re-release it.

That all came together last week "Here Comes John Allen Cameron" came back to us with a brand new CD and 28pages of liner notes.

To talk about why, we reached Stuart in Toronto.

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