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September 2011 Archives

The Fiddler's Reel
Marc Almon

photo_1855418_resize.jpgOn September 26th in Iona there was a very special screening of 'The Fiddler's Reel' at the Highland Village.

It's Marc Almon's newest creation and he stopped in to tell us all about it.

Marc Almon for web.mp3

RyLee Madison

RLM_crowd-shot-top.jpgIt's been five years since we've had a new album from RyLee Madison. She was in the middle of BIG life changes when she recorded "Farewell To Nova Scotia". Changes that took her away from home.


Unlike so many of those 'going down the road' stories from Cape Breton, this one takes a decidedly happy turn.

RyLee Madison and husband Clay Krasner talk about the new album 'Where Does the Time Go"

Island Echoes - Rylee Madison for web.mp3

the Comedian
Nick Beaton

nick.jpgFrom a blue collar background, Nick Beaton cuts through the bullshit of an overly bureaucratic society that takes itself way too seriously.

Whether it's done through his opinionated rants, hard hitting jokes, or his disarming "every man" personality Nick Beaton is a favorite wherever he performs.

tape NICK the Comedian 0816.mp3

The Antagonist
Lynn Coady

Thumbnail image for lynn coady the antagonist.jpgCape Breton author (and great friend of the show) Lynn Coady has recently released a new book, and every time she does she joins us for a chat. Many of the stories taking place right here in Cape Breton.

She is regarded as one of the best writers of her generation and yesterday the rest of the country finally acknowledged that by adding her to the long list for the prestigious Giller Prize.

Lynn Coady the Antagonist.mp3