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The Irrelevant Show is returning for its fourth season on CBC Radio One's national airwaves.

Every week, the hilarious cast of The Irrelevant Show brings you a buffet of award-winning comedy sketches and songs, recorded before a live audience in and around Edmonton, Alberta.The show ranges all over the comedy map, from the everyday to the surreal. You'll hear scenes about family life, dating, relationships and the workplace. The show offers an irreverent take on pop culture - from the news, to game shows, to superheroes. And some sketches will simply be flights of imagination - to other times, other planets and other universes.

So you'll hear about a couple who dreamed about having pets, but couldn't because of allergies, so they have a baby instead. A tearful tribute to the Robertson head screwdriver. A Christmas album featuring the vocal stylings of CFL referees. And a Dating Game where a young woman must choose a date with the Greek god Zeus or beloved storyteller Stuart McLean.

"We offer something for every comedy taste," says producer Peter Brown, "there are so many styles and points of view, that the show completely changes subject and tone from one sketch to the next. At tapings, when I ask audience members which sketch was their favourite, I often get ten different answers."

The Irrelevant Show is back for its fourth season on the CBC Radio One network, and once again, live tapings have become hot tickets in the Edmonton area. "The live recordings are a fantastic experience", Brown says. "The actors are performing the sketches for a live audience for the first time; the crowd gets to see sound effects and music created right in front of them: suddenly the whole show comes to life right before your eyes. And the audience loves it when things go wrong -- our cast is made up of very funny improvisers -- often the between-sketch banter is a highlight of the night". This season the show is stepping slightly beyond Edmonton city limits .. to record shows in Sherwood Park, St. Albert and Fort Saskatchewn. The "Home by Midnight" Tour rolls on!

Led by head writer Neil Grahn, the writing team includes members of the cast as well as writers from Edmonton's rich comedy community, including Chris Craddock and Dana Anderson. And the show reaches across the country for contributions from some of Canada's funniest non-Edmontonians: Ian Boothby, Kurt Smeaton, Michael Balazo, Nile Seguin, Diana Frances and George Westerholm.This season's shows will be compiled from live performances in late 2012 and early 2013 and include some of Edmonton's funniest comic actors: Mark Meer, Donovan Workun, Jana O'Connor, Marianne Copithorne, Neil Grahn and Leona Brausen.

The show welcomes back two dynamic duos as musical guests: Sheldon Elter and Ryan Parker from Edmonton cult band the Be Arthurs, and gifted actor/singer Jocelyn Ahlf accompanied by the legendary Jan Randall on piano.

The Irrelevant Show has won both a Canadian Comedy award and a medal at the prestigious New York festivals.

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