Public Service Announcement

photo credit: JillOW via photopin cc

photo credit: JillOW via photopin cc


Hey, people who leave smelly food in the microwave at work - the Irrelevant Show has a public service message just for you!

We asked our listeners to tell us about their experiences with disgusting microwaves. Here are some of the nastiest:

Posted by Sandrila:

One place I worked someone decided to warm up their fish stew (tomato based) without a covering. This person got a phone call in between grabbed his food and left. The worst is he actually realized that it had splattered but decided he did not have "time" to clean it up...all day!

Imagine stuck on fish and tomato hardened and stinking inside a microwave on a late Friday afternoon found on Monday morning. 

We did find the culprit but what a stink !

Posted by Nicole Pinkerton:

I was house sitting and after two weeks I noticed a smell that quickly turned into a stench. I could not find the source until my friend tracked it down. In the microwave was a moldy, slimy, bloody piece of steak (?) or burger (?)!! Rotting flesh is the worst thing I have ever smelled!

Posted by canaanmom:

The worst thing I ever found in a microwave at work was when I worked in a school. I went to warm up my lunch and there was about an inch of congealed fat all over the inside of the microwave. It looked to me like someone had cooked a whole pound of bacon in there and then just left the mess. I actually waited a day or two to see if the culprit would come back and clean it. They did not. It was the end of the school year and my office was open through the summer, so it fell to me to clean it up. Needless to say, it was a disgusting job.
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