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Take the CBC Books quiz to see how many of the "100 novels that will make you proud to be Canadian" you have read.  


More U.S. retailers are primed to enter the Canadian market. What can they learn from those who came before them?  Our retail trends columnist Doug Stephens explains.


Trefor Munn-Venn is the co-founder of Rhapsody Strategies, and he will be giving the opening keynote address at the Social Capital Conference at Algonquin College.


Howard Adler and Chris Wong are the co-organizers of the Asinabka Festival


Lily Pepper is the creater of YOW Zine.  If you would like to send a submission, send it by email to



o Madawaska Valley Summer Studio Tour

o Marché des Brasseurs

o Under the Pines Music Festival

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Bird Tweet - Winter Wren

Winter Wren

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