A Dreamy Summer Picnic Menu

A Dreamy Summer Picnic Menu

Summertime means loads of entertaining and plenty of eating outdoors. What better way to celebrate the season than with an afternoon picnic? We put together a simple but dreamy menu, ideal for a lunch under the trees.

Start with Stefano's (mom's!) simple spin on a picnic classic: the potato salad. Perfect for any picnic or barbecue, this favourite is made fresher with blanched green beans and tossed in a white balsamic and olive oil dressing.

No picnic is complete without a hearty sandwich and we can't imagine a better one for a picnic than the one pictured here. This sandwich is stuffed with tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs - a classic Italian take on a regular picnic sandwich--and one big enough to share among 4 ravenous picnickers!

Wash everything down with, what else, iced tea. Our version is unexpected, memorable and refreshing. It starts with a green tea base and is mixed with lychee. Throw the ingredients into an insulated cooler to keep everything cold, and don't forget to add plenty of ice when serving.

Finish off your picnic with a yummy dessert that's totally easy to eat anywhere, even on a picnic blanket. Our recipe for strawberries dressed with Limoncello is a deliciously light but special way to end an alfresco summer meal.

And since picnicking is all about a leisurely afternoon, you'll need a snack for when you're lounging around pre-lunch. Dip some cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber or the fresh, summer vegetables of your choice into whipped feta and goat cheese that's blended with red pepper. Do we have you dreaming about this menu the way we are? All of the recipes are here for when you're ready to make this dream picnic real!

Mom's Potato Salad
Family-Sized Grilled Chicken Picnic Sandwich
Iced Green Tea with Lychee
Whipped Feta and Pepper Dip
Strawberries with Limoncello