Spring Challenge: Flavour

Spring Challenge: Flavour

Don't wait any longer to tackle the recipes you fear most, or to up your game in the kitchen. Join our challenges and learn how to stew, flavour, bake, grill better!

Remember our Winter Baking Challenge? We loved seeing you get better at a new skill and since spring has sprung, it's time for a new challenge. That's why we're kicking off this season's FLAVOUR challenge. This means that for the next few months we'll be focused on teaching you how to kick your food up a notch with big, big flavour.

Once you better understand how flavours work and how to build them in your dishes, you'll not only become a more confident cook, but you'll have the skills to experiment on your own. We'll be posting flavour tips, FAQs and tricks to our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts. And our sister show Best Recipes Ever is participating too so together we'll be posting loads of information to help you develop your skills. Make sure to follow all our accounts and find tips easily under the hashtag #CBCflavour.

Start out simple by experimenting with the spice rubs and marinades below, then move onto the cool flavour combos and see how much room there is to play. Soon you'll be coming up with your own cool flavour combinations. Don't worry, we're here to help as you experiment. Are you ready for the challenge? Let's get started!

Spice Rubs

Coffee Spice Rub
Homemade Steak Spice
Stefano's Jerk Marinade

Cool Flavour Combos

Avocado Key Lime Pie
Roasted Maple and 5-Spice Chicken
Citrus-Cured Salmon
Sweet & Crispy Angel Hair Clusters
Stefano's Bacon Jam
Plum Compote