Crazy-Good (And Good For You!) Cheesy Pastas

Crazy-Good (And Good For You!) Cheesy Pastas

Craving comfort food? (We always are!) Then make one of Stefano's cheesy pastas below. Featuring cheese and milk as the star ingredients, these recipes are super-delicious and nutritious! The calcium in cheese and milk is important for everyone in your family - it helps build strong bones and teeth in kids, and keeps our bones strong as we get older. Plus studies show that the nutrients in milk products may lower your chances of getting osteoporosis.

So if you didn't catch Stefano cooking up these recipes in our Say Cheese! episode, check it out now - it's some drool-inducing TV if we do say so ourselves. You can get the recipe for that Stove-Top Mac & Cheese right here. We guarantee it's going to be your new family favourite!

There's a lot more to milk products than most of us realize. Learn more at

Mac & Cheese with Broccoli
Easy Ricotta and Pesto Stuffed Shells
Spinach and Ricotta Lazy Lasagna
Stefano's Ultimate Lasagna
Three-Cheese Ravioli with Salsa Madre
Lasagna Bolognese
Creamy Mixed Mushroom Lasagna

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