Stick to Your Salad-for-Dinner Resolution

Stick to Your Salad-for-Dinner Resolution

Many of us make resolutions for a healthier new year, and preparing big salads for dinner is a great place to start. When you need a little motivation, here are some great ideas to keep you going all year round.

For when you think you don't have time to cook. Pick up a roast chicken from the deli and stack it high for this big salad.

For when you think your kids won't want salad for dinner. Wrap and roll, baby! Let your kids at this Asian-inspired salad with their bare hands and they'll probably request salad again next week.

For when you think salads aren't special enough for company. Oh really? Why not top a salad with octopus? Such a salad will impress, guaranteed.

For when you just need some carbs. We hear you, and that's we love Stefano's grain salads. This couscous salad is stunning--bonus points--and this brown rice salad helps keep the carbs as healthy as possible.

For when you want something a little more meaty. Got leftover pork? Turn it into this fresh Thai salad and give your favourite take-out joint a run for its money.

Looking for more veg-centric recipes? We've got your back. Hit us up on Twitter any time you're in a salad slump.

And for even more winter-ready ways to eat healthier, check out these side salads for the dead of winter.

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