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A Little About "My Giving Moment"

Hopefully you caught the In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita episode "Go With the Grain" where Stefano's guest, ‎Ashshita Hossain, talks about her work volunteering in the kitchen at her local community centre.

Ashshita, and volunteers like her who share their time, money and expertise are rewarded by knowing that they make life better for others. And if you've been thinking about giving more of yourself to your community, it's easy to do.

There's a movement taking place across the nation. The campaign is called My Giving Moment and its goal is for people across the country to donate some of their time and talents to their communities.

For food lovers, there are lots of ways to give. You can help an elderly neighbour with their weekly grocery run, volunteer at a food bank, cook meals at a local hospice or simply deliver a batch of Stefano's Minestrone Soup to an ill friend.

Ashshita inspired us to think of ways we can give this year. If you're interested in joining the My Giving Moment movement, here are some examples, small and large, to help you discover ways to give back.