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12 Veg-centric Dinner Ideas

12 Veg-centric Dinner Ideas

We get a lot of requests from you on Facebook for more ways to work vegetables into your dishes. We suspect it might have something to do with all those healthy resolutions you've made. One of the best ways to do this is not to relegate vegetables to the sidelines--and side dishes--but to make them part of the main dish. This way you can keep things simple and work vegetables into your one-pot, "gotta go", quick weeknight meals.

Being busy and loving greens himself, Stefano has a lot of recipes that fit the bill. His Strata is full of rapini and he uses eggplant instead of noodles to wrap up his Turkey & Eggplant Involtini.

By simply making vegetables a part of your main dish, you'll have a more balanced dinner on your hands without any more fuss. Let us know if these help you out.

Stefano's Pasta Primavera
Ham & Rapini Strata
Rainbow Trout with Lentil Salad
Veggie Couscous Salad with Harissa Dressing
Greek Souvlaki Salad
Thai Pork Salad
Turkey & Eggplant Involtini
Stefano's Tex Mex Salad Wrap
Spicy Singapore Noodles
Thai Chicken Stir-Fry
Beef & Broccoli Brown Rice Bowl