Delicious Desserts for Fall and Winter

Delicious Desserts for Fall and Winter

Craving something sweet? You're in luck. 'Tis the season for a whole new collection of desserts that welcome apples, pumpkins and candied nuts. Cooler weather treats celebrate spices too and tend to be as comforting as warm, creamy rice pudding.

Here IN THE KITCHEN, we can't wait to make Stefano's Grandma's Apple Cake, but you may want to start with something simple, like his Easy Tiramisu or this classic crisp. The choices are plenty, the decisions will be hard, but your house will never smell better.

And if you don't have the time to whip something up from scratch, there are even delicious fall and winter desserts you can make from savoury leftovers, like Coconut Rice Pudding:

Now get to it IN THE KITCHEN!

Sticky Apple Pudding
Deep-Dish Apple Pie
Stefano's Pumpkin Pie
Almond Panna Cotta with Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Dulce De Leche Lava Cakes
Banana Bourbon Cheesecake
Apple Tarte Tatin
Easy Cinnamon Rice Pudding
Coconut Rice Pudding
Apple Pecan Crisp
Italian Fruit Cake (Panforte)
Easy Tiramisu
French Lemon Tart
Grandma's Apple Cake