A Taste of Naples, Sicily and Tuscany

A Taste of Naples, Sicily and Tuscany

If you watch Stefano cook mouthwatering Italian recipes on the show, you know that the cuisine is uncomplicated and that the recipes are flexible. But every region puts their own stamp on pastas, vegetables, and even dessert. You can cook just like they do in Naples, Sicily and Tuscany in your own home with Stefano's favourites from these regions.

Tuscan food is considered rustic, almost humble. Sicilian food is known for being punchy with bold influences from Spain, Greece and North Africa. Neapolitan food, the birthplace of the famous classic pizza, the Margherita, is as straightforward as the way it's eaten--often straight from the pan.

Stefano's sure to feature recipes from even more regions, but which cuisine do you want him to cook from next? Shout them out on our Facebook page or tweet us, we love hearing from you. In the meantime, transport yourself and your family to Naples, Sicily and Tuscany with any of Stefano's delicious Italian recipes.


Classic Margherita Pizza
Neapolitan-Style Mussels
Stefano's Pasta Puttanesca


Veal Marsala
Brioche Gelato Bites


Tuscan Vegetable Soup
Rosemary and Garlic Pork Roast
White Beans with Sage & Tomato