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Cool Corn Recipes

Cool Corn Recipes

Corn may be a grain, but we like to think of it and treat it like a vegetable, with its tender, sweet kernels. The ways to enjoy it are almost endless--starting with eating it on the cob, typewriter-style. But there are other ways to showcase corn in its peak season.

Boil corn pieces in a rustic stew or toss them in Stefano's Stove-Top Clam Bake for a splash of summer colour. Shave the kernels right off the cob and use them in recipes that call for frozen. Or if you're leaving them whole, try grilled corn on the cob slathered in chive butter for a decadent but low-effort treat.

Use up summer's harvest in any of these cool corn recipes.

Corn Relish
Grilled Corn with Chive Butter
Stove-Top Clam Bake
Oven-Roasted Beer Can Chicken
Skillet Shepherd's Pie
Corn and Bean Salad