Special Seafood Mains

Special Seafood Mains

No matter what you're celebrating, don't overlook a special seafood main when planning your menu. It's a refreshing change from bigger, bolder meats like rack of lamb and pork tenderloin (don't get us wrong, we love those too!) Sometimes something a little less expected is what makes the event memorable.

Not only is seafood delicious and healthy, Stefano's seafood mains are stunning too. Grill marks on his Seafood Mixed Grill will have your guests salivating and his Sesame-Crusted Salmon is simple but looks elegant.

Don't be afraid to go big and encase a whole fish in salt or poach it in parchment using this fancy French technique.

So make a meal to remember with any of these special seafood mains that are guaranteed to put an impressive twist on any celebration.

And for fish any night of the week, read our post on simple ways to eat more fish.

Seafood Mixed Grill
Stefano's Seafood Ragu
Whole Trout en Papillote
Olive-Oil-Poached Halibut
Pan-Fried Fish with Brown Butter
Pan-Fried Trout with Anchovy Butter
Sesame-Crusted Salmon with a Ginger Lime Vinaigrette
Salt Baked Snapper
Linguine with Clams
Stove-Top Clam Bake
Mussels in a Saffron Cream Sauce
Fettuccine with Clams and Tomatoes
Neapolitan-Style Mussels