Prosecco Cranberry Pops and 7 More Frozen Treats

Prosecco Cranberry Pops and 7 More Frozen Treats

It's mid-summer and we're well into the heat waves! Get some relief with Stefano's frozen treats. Simple, quick, and streamlined for no-fuss summer cooking, these will have you in and out of the kitchen fast with cooling rewards.

Need something cool right now? This Easy Blueberry Frozen Yogurt is ready to eat after only 10 minutes of chilling. It's just as delicious with frozen raspberries, mangoes and peaches, so use whatever looks best at the market, and because it's sweetened with maple syrup rather than refined sugar, you'll feel even better scooping some out for the kids.

And for the grown ups, these Prosecco Cranberry Ice Pops will be a guaranteed hit for any backyard party feast. And for the perfect recipes to go with them, be sure to check out our backyard menu ideas here.

Keep cool with any of Stefano's frozen treats and enjoy your summer everyone!

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