Better Than Ever Fries

Better Than Ever Fries

Along with burger season comes the need for killer fries. And you know we're not talking about the (frost-bitten?) fries you may have in the freezer. Those can't hold a candle to made-from-scratch fries. Here's why you must make your own this summer.

You Get Bigger Flavour. Fresh-cut fries are plump with moisture, allowing them to absorb seasoning easily either after frying or before baking.

You Can Explore Outside the Spud. You don't have to settle for plain potato fries--go gourmet by adding crispy shallots to them. And don't forget about the other vegetables that make fantastic fries like parsnips and carrots too.

You Can Cut to Fit Your Dinner. When you make your own, you get to control the cut. If you're going for a classic home-style fries, cut them thick. Or for something a little more fancy with your steak, slice them thin. For game night? Chips of course!

The only thing that could make your BBQ better than homemade fries is going the extra mile and making your own ketchup for dipping. (Portion it out and freeze it for a month's worth of backyard grill feasts. )

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