Best Beer Recipes

Best Beer Recipes

Don't just reach for a beer when you want a cool drink - did you know it's also great to cook with? It adds a depth and flavour to dishes that you wouldn't get if you just added water. Like in Stefano's recipe for chicken cooked right on top of a beer can. Perhaps an unusual idea if you've never tried it, but we bet you'll love it.

Here's a little more about beer to help you in the kitchen.

Got a bottle in your fridge right now? Chances are it's either a lager or ale. They differ in their fermentation methods and the flavour they'll add to your dishes too. While no one bottle tastes the same, you can expect a lager to lend its clean-tasting, dry and crisp flavour to stews and seafood dishes and work nicely to lighten-up and flavour batter for fried foods. Think of lagers as the white wine of beers.

On the other side of the spectrum, ales are like red wine. They ferment in warmer temperatures and their yeast grows quickly, which means they develop a stronger, richer flavour that stands up to big-flavoured meats - perfect for marinades.

Crack open a bottle now and get cooking with any of these recipes made better with beer.

Beer-Battered Onion Rings
Oven-Roasted Beer Can Chicken
Sweet & Spicy Steak Tacos
Steak and Ale Pie
Irish Stout Beef Stew
Stefano's Big BBQ Brisket
Stove-Top Clam Bake