9 Vegetarian Pastas Worthy of Special Occasions

9 Vegetarian Pastas Worthy of Special Occasions

Looking for an impressive vegetarian main? While pasta may seem sort of "everyday", there are so many ways to elevate it to an entertaining-worthy option. Stefano has many delicious, thoughtful, better-than-everyday pasta recipes and we chose 9 meat-free options you'll be proud to serve your guests.

A fresh-made basil pesto beats store-bought every time, but Stefano also has a red pepper and almond version that turns traditional pesto on its head. Squash-stuffed cannelloni is an elegant and impressive-looking dish but like other casseroles, the oven does most of the work for you.

And your guests will be absolutely wow'd by homemade pasta from scratch--it's easier than you may think. Stefano shows you how to make homemade gnocchi, cavatelli or a dough you can shape into the pasta of your choice. Make any of them and you're on your way to a memorable meal no matter how you dress them up.

Treat your guests to a spectacular dinner with any of these vegetarian pastas perfect for special occasions:

Penne alla Vodka
Pasta with Basil Pesto
Garlic & Olive Oil Spaghetti
Red Pepper & Almond Pesto Penne
Creamy Mediterranean Spaghetti
Farfalle with Beans and Swiss Chard
Homemade Gnocchi with Butter and Sage
Three-Cheese Ravioli with Salsa Madre
Creamy Mixed Mushroom Lasagna