A Recap of our Holiday Facebook Chat with Stefano

A Recap of our Holiday Facebook Chat with Stefano

Our holiday Facebook chat with Stefano was a huge success and it was so fun chatting with all of you. You had lots of great questions and so many good things to say about the show, it was enough to put everyone in good holiday spirits! In case you couldn't join us, we've rounded up the highlights so you can share in the spirit too!

We talked holiday entertaining.

Jenna Melanson: What's your all time favorite food to take to holiday parties?
Stefano Faita: Lasagna is always a winner to take to a party. My mom makes killer lasagna at Christmas. She rolls out 300 mini meatballs the size of your pinkie and layers them in the lasagna with hard boiled eggs and ricotta. She only makes it once a year. It's incredible.

Nina Wozniak: What would you cook if you have too many fussy guests?
Stefano Faita: Suggest a potluck instead.

And food gift ideas.

Joanne Giannakopoulos: Any kitchen gadgets to recommend as a Christmas gift?
Stefano Faita: A gift I recommend is a lemon vaporizer, if you can find it. You take this thing and you screw it into a lemon and you can spray lemon juice on fish or a salad.

And turkey.

Julie Côté-Stordy: What is your fave turkey leftover recipe that is also kid friendly?< br /> Stefano Faita: A turkey pot pie, with ketchup! That's the way my daughter Emilia likes it.

And (of course) Chistmas movies!

Meghan Goudy: What's your favourite Christmas movie?
Stefano Faita: It's a bit corny...my favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone because I always get a laugh. But a movie that I've watched since I was a kid is The Sound of Music. That's something my Mom would always make us watch every year.

And how is Stefano celebrating Christmas this year?

Stefano Faita: This Christmas I'm actually hosting my first Christmas Eve dinner. It's all about the seafood this year! I made it into a potluck so everyone is bringing something. We're doing a whole fish menu. Smoked salmon, octopus salad, grilled shrimp, and fried salt cod.

Stefano is already looking forward to another chat so be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for information about the next. Happy holidays from all of here at IN THE KITCHEN!