A Recap of our LIVE Facebook Chat with Stefano

A Recap of our LIVE Facebook Chat with Stefano

Wow! You all had a lot you wanted to ask Stefano about! The hour-long LIVE chat with him on Facebook last Thursday, September 21 was fantastic. He had a great time and we all hope you did too. Here are some of the highlights and a few answers he sent over to the questions we ran out of time for.

How Stefano got into cooking:

Sabrina Giancola: What inspired you to start cooking?

Stefano Faita: I come from a family that cooks and I grew up working in my family's kitchen store and eventually we started a cooking school. So you might say teaching people how to cook is in my blood.

Exclusive details about new recipes coming up this season like:

Terri DeMont: Are you going to be including any gluten free recipes on the show this year?

Stefano Faita: Yes, I'm doing a bunch. I'm making some amazing cookies and a farinata and more. Have you tried this Hazelnut Cake? It's my mom's recipe and naturally gluten-free. Italians use a lot of nuts in their baking and they work well to add structure to your baking. Look for more recipes in the coming season!

Hot news about an English cookbook (he already has three out in French!)

Marion McDonald: Hey Stefano! I love your show and watch it everyday. Do you have any cookbooks published in English?

Stefano Faita: We're working on a 2013 release. I'll be sure to let you guys know.

Of course many of you had back-to-school on the mind:

Kristina Gomzi-Mehak: Any favourite school lunch ideas?

Stefano Faita: My favourite school lunch idea...when I was a kid my mom used to make frittata for dinner and then the next day pack it in my lunch. I loved it. My kids aren't old enough to go to school yet but I'll have more answers for you when they do! Here's the frittata recipe:

How does he stay so fit? Good question!

Julie Korteweg Atkins: Love your show but how much do you work out to stay fit??? I find your cooking on the less than lean side...

Stefano Faita: I work out three or four times a week and run about 35 km a week. So that means I get to eat a little more butter and bacon! It's just a matter of eating everything in moderation. And enjoying yourself when you eat. And this season we have a lot of great, lighter recipes. I think you'll like them.

And answers to some of the questions we ran out of time for:

Joy-Brian Castro: Hi Stefano, I'm Filipino and want to begin cooking more. Lucky for me my hubby is Caucasian he loves our food and is not squeamish to try new ones. Your recipes are so easy to follow and ingredients are not hard to find, that's why I love your show. My question is what are the staple ingredients, spices and food I should ALWAYS have in stocked in our kitchen? Thank you!

Stefano Faita: There's a different answer for everyone, depending on what you like to eat. I make sure to have Parmesan cheese on hand for sure. I usually have cream in case I need to make a dessert or a sauce. Butter is definitely useful and olive oil for me is a MUST, for just about everything!

Arbab Bushra Ali Khan: Hi Stefano, I love your show and all of your recipes. Tell me what's your favourite food?

Stefano Faita: That's a hard question to answer, because I like everything. Well, mostly everything. I think my favouite food is my mom's. Anything she makes.

Snehal Palyekar: My son is 2 yrs and loves any pasta dishes ( he eats cheese and mac) almost every day....can you create some easy preschooler/toddler friendly yummy pasta dishes. thx.

Stefano Faita: My daughter Emelia is 3 ½ and she loves Homemade Gnocchi with Butter and Sage.

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