Can Your Own Tomatoes - Italian Style!

Can Your Own Tomatoes - Italian Style!

What's the quickest way to fresh, summer flavour all year long? Stefano's tomato puree! This is the same recipe his family uses every August for their yearly tomato canning day and he's sharing it with you so it can become a family tradition for you, too.

Canning tomatoes guarantees you a supply of high-quality summer-ripe tomatoes when summer is long gone. You can use it for big flavour in soups, stews and all your favourite pasta sauces. Ten tomatoes makes about 1 ¾ cups to 2 cups of puree but we've got you covered on how to puree a whole bushel of tomatoes too.

Here's Stefano's Tomato Puree...

...and 6 great reasons to can your own tomatoes this summer:

Mom's Spaghetti and Meatballs
Lasagna Bolognese
Penne Arrabbiata
Moroccan Beef Bundles
Portuguese Grilled Chicken