Great Grilling Anytime

Great Grilling Anytime

Whether you're a die-hard griller who trudges into a snowy backyard to grill year-round, or you have a trusty, seasoned grill pan that heats up well on the stove, grilling is the way to go. Grilling food requires a minimal amount of seasoning but you end up with great flavour, colour and quickly-cooked food too.

Remember these simple tips and your grilled food turn out great:

  • Lightly oil the food, not just the grate, to help prevent sticking and help the food colour and cook properly.
  • Be patient. Don't put your food on the grill or grill pan until it's thoroughly heated and don't walk away from the grill unless you're dealing with a slow-cook recipe.
  • Use your hand to test the temperature. We like the four-syllable sentence test: hold your hand over the grill or pan and say "In The Kitchen"! If you can say the sentence once, you've got high heat. If you can say it twice, you've got medium heat. If you can say it three times, your temperature is good for cooking slow and low.
  • Try putting a colander over your vegetables when you're grilling them. This lets the steam to escape while keeping the heat in.
  • When grilling meat or fish, you can close the lid or cover your pan if the cut is thicker than your palm.

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