Who doesn't like pizza?

Who doesn't like pizza?

Pizza? I could eat it every day. I started making pizza when I was in high school. At first I would buy my dough from a bakery --sometimes it was really good, sometimes it was just so-so. I got curious about making my own dough and experimented in the kitchen. I played around with flour, eventually coming up with my own recipe.

I got so into it, that I actually began skipping class with my buddy so we could go back to my house to make pizza. We'd top them with mushrooms, Italian sausage and mozzarella -- that was our classic pizza. Then we'd add some fresh basil and some hot pepper oil. Mmmm... Delicious.

To this day I always cut my pizza like my Grandma taught me--by snipping it with scissors. That's what she did. They weren't even exclusively her kitchen scissors, she used her scissors to do everything! (You might want to wash yours if you use them for everything, though!) Scissors are particularly good for cutting pizza--they're often sharper and easier to control than pizza wheels. You've got to try it when you make these recipes:

Meat Lovers' Pizza
Grilled Vegetable Pizza

-- Stefano