What To Do With... Leftover Bread

What To Do With... Leftover Bread

Everybody loves a fresh loaf or baguette from the bakery. But what do you do when your bread goes stale before you can eat it all? Start cooking with it!

While using leftover bread to make a meal was once considered frugal, those same humble dishes are now considered gourmet. Restaurant menus across the country are featuring dishes made with dried bread. In fact, the drier the better.

Panzanella, a delicious Italian bread salad, is a terrific way to use up a loaf of bread that's past its prime. Just rip the bread into chunks, soak them in your favourite savoury salad dressing and they become flavour-packed croutons. Toss them in a bowl with you your favourite salad ingredients and you've got a healthy and satisfying dish to pack for lunch or to serve with a hot bowl of soup.

And while fresh bread is not ideal for making breadcrumbs because it's so moist, older bread is perfect for the job. Just rip it up, put it in your food processor, give it a few pulses and you've got homemade breadcrumbs to use for coating meat and fish or topping baked pasta dishes.

So try Stefano's recipes, and transform your leftover bread into a star ingredient:

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