Bacon 101

Bacon 101

There are many different types of bacon that are worth seeking out and experimenting with. Here are some favourites:

Canadian Back Bacon comes from the loin of the pig. It's lean and meaty with a texture similar to ham. Try it on your BLT instead of strip bacon.

Guanciale is a salt-cured Italian pork that comes from the cheek of the pig. Its tender texture makes it perfect in pasta sauces.

Pancetta is a salt-cured Italian pork that's been rolled and hung to dry for a few months. Try using it as a substitute in recipes that call for bacon. Look for it behind your deli counter and ask to have it sliced.

American Bacon is usually taken from the belly of the pig where the animal is very fatty which allows it to fry up nice and crisp. This type of bacon is usually salt-cured unless the package says otherwise. Wrap it around salmon fillets before you cook them to add flavour and keep them moist.

Once you choose your bacon, here are some recipes to get you cooking!

Honey Mustard Peameal Bacon
Bacon and Potato Salad with Baby Spinach
Pasta with a Mushroom and Bacon Cream Sauce