Dinner at Stefano's

Dinner at Stefano's

Getting together with my family is always a celebration. And everybody in my family loves to cook. So when we all get together, my aunts and uncles and cousins, the food is always really good.

We like to start off with a lot of apps. Grilled shrimps with red pepper dip, some polenta French fries, stuff like that. We put the main dishes in the middle of the table and everybody shares. You'll find leg of lamb, lasagna, definitely a green vegetable, maybe some rapini, sautéed.

My mom used to do the cooking, but now we share the cooking. Everybody does a little bit. Recently, we've started doing big gatherings potluck style. You know, everybody just brings a dish. So there's not one person that works for four days to prepare the meal.

I'm in charge of whatever people don't want to do. Usually it's dessert. Which usually means tiramisu. I'm a big fan of tiramisu. I also make a really good hazelnut cake. Or cannoli. I love cannoli.

-- Stefano