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On This Week

On This Week

July 21,2014 - July 25, 2014


Monday'Eat Your Greens'
Today Stefano shares his favourite recipes that will help you "Eat Your Greens". On today's menu: Grilled Escarole with Olives & Pine Nuts, Hearty Greens & Sausage Soup and Crispy Kale Chips.



MondayStefano Likes It Hot!
Stefano turns up the heat and makes some of his favourite spicy dishes today. On today's menu: Cuban-Style Pork Roast with Papaya Black Bean Salsa, Eggs in Purgatory and a Spicy Singapore Noodles.



All of today's recipes aren't just easy to make, they're easy to eat too. On today's menu: Jumbo Shrimp Corn Dogs, Antipasto Skewers, Watermelon & Feta Salad and Key Lime Ice Pops.



MondayStefano's Pie Shop
Stefano makes two classic pie recipes you'll want to add to your recipe box. On today's menu: All-Purpose Pastry, Stefano's Pumpkin Pie and Deep-Dish Apple Pie.



MondayStefano's Paella Feast
Looking for entertaining ideas? Stefano makes an easy and delicious paella feast that's sure to win over all your dinner party guests. On Today's Menu: Stefano's Paella, Summer Vegetable Salad and White Sangria with Raspberries.