About Us

It's happening in office towers, restaurant kitchens, even in our own living rooms. Some call it a "clash of cultures". We call it "Intersections". It's a show about how we connect - or not - in our ever-changing Canada. Host Niru Kumar speaks with spouses, colleagues, neighbours and friends about cultural tensions in their relationships. She unearths unexpected, funny and poignant stories that tell us more about who we are and where we're heading, exposing some uncomfortable truths along the way.

Website-Niru.JPGHost Niru Kumar has lived at the intersection of Canada and India her whole life. She peppers her speech with Hindi, French and Spanish, likes to wear suits and saris, indulges in Bollywood and Hollywood, and is a trained classical Indian dancer who's also dabbled in Canada's national sport. She's discovered that cultural expectations around dating, marriage and child rearing can often mean navigating choppy waters. And she wonders what parts of each culture her two young kids will embrace because, or in spite of, the efforts of her and her husband. Now, as a lawyer and journalist with incurable inquisitiveness, Niru is turning the lens on Canadians to see how they experience "cultural intersections".

Website-Colleen.jpgProducer Colleen Ross has often found herself in that space where cultures intersect, as a wide-eyed Canadian living in France, Germany and West Africa. She's jumped with gusto into conversations in foreign languages, but knows what it feels like to nod and smile her way along. She's spent afternoons drinking sweet tea with Malians and recording their stories, taught Can Lit at a German university, and done time as a French nanny. Colleen was the creator/producer of the popular CBC Radio show, Babel, and continues to write a language column while working as a national radio news producer.

Website-Beza.jpgProducer Beza Seife is steeped in the Canadianness of Tim Hortons and skating rinks, but is undeniably rooted in the rich culture of her parents' homeland. Born to Ethiopian immigrants and raised in Toronto, Beza has spent five years at the CBC working in the newsroom and in the field. She's done everything from chasing interviews on the Gulf oil spill to reporting on beached sharks in Saint John. Beza has also produced several network holiday programs for CBC Radio and normally produces interviews and stories for CBC Radio's National Syndication Unit.

Website-Charles.pngSound designer Charles Ketchabaw is a multidisciplinary producer fuelled by curiosity. If he could have lunch with anyone, it would be Studs Turkel, a broadcast wizard and trailblazer in oral history. Charles has worked on numerous CBC shows over the years and is excited by the variety of voices and stories on Intersections. His other work takes him across the country in his little story mobile, gathering tales of Canadians with his lovely wife Lisa Marie.