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Question: January 2012 Archives

Where would you expect a traditional pendulum clock to run the slowest:?

You would expect a clock to run slowest as far as possible from the earth's centre of gravity. That would be on Mounty Chimborazo in Equador.

If the earth were a perfect sphere, it would be completely covered by the ocean. From 50 m to 25000 m, how deep would that ocean be?

With the land in place, the average depth of the ocean is 4000 metres. If the land were all levelled and the earth were smooth like a billiard ball, the average depth would be 2400 metres.

Why does snow at the base of apple trees melt faster than it does elsewhere?

There is less snow under the tree to begin with because the truck causes the wind to swirl around, which blows the snow away. Also, the treeabsorbs energy and reflects sunlight back to the ground.