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Science Corner: February 2012 Archives

The moon experiences the gravitational pull from the earth and the sun, but the sun's pull is twice as powerful as the the earth's. Why then, doesn't the moon get pulled out of our orbit?

Both the earth and the moon orbit the sun the earth just disturbs the moon's orbit

Looking into the hidden power of raindrops.

Dr. Bob Fournier talks about rain.

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When lightening hits a tree, sometimes it scars it, sometimes it blows the bark off and sometimes it blows it up. What accound for those varying effects?

The severity of the damage depends on the amount of moisture on and in the tree. If there is enough water on the surface of the tree, will conduct the lightening down into the ground. But if the tree is not that wet, the lightening will penetrate the bark, turn the water inside the trunk into steam and cause it to explode.