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Get out and enjoy the weekend!

This town is starting to come back to life in the face of real spring!


Dartmouth Players is putting on Harvey (yes, the giant rabbit)
until April 26
An Evening of Ives II: Lions Den Theatre's annual directors' showcase
featuring Jozel Bennett, Dan Gervais, Lenny Langton, Ali House, Mark
Penny, Dorian Lang, Genevieve Jones and Bethany Lake and a cast of 19
performers. $15/$12, Fri-Sun at the Bus Stop


Glory Glory w/Rain Over St.Ambrose, Best Fiends at the Seahorse
Three Sheet w/Take Part, The Big Get Even And Stand By For Surprises
at Michael's

April Assault VI w/Ozone, Novichok, Black Moor, Hero's Last Rite, 2
Minutes To Maiden at Montes
Whitebrow, Dan MacCormack at the Company House

Glory Glory, Take My Time