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Tara's top picks: Lots of fun despite the weather

7:24 AM (40 minutes ago)

to me
Might as well start your weekend off laughing with the Halifax Comedy
Fest and Just For Laughs showcase at Clay West: Andrew Evans hosts
Andrew Vaughan, Chanel Freire, Marc Sauvé, Cheryl Hann, Abdul Butt,
Bill Wood and Paul Warford. $5


Songs and stories at the Casino's Harbourfrony Lounge w/Gianna Lauren,
Marc-Antoine Robertson (Soho Ghetto), Mike Ryan (The Town Heroes) and
Jennah Barry
Adam Baldwin Band w/Sam Cash and The Romantic Dogs, The Will Be Gones
at the Seahorse

Bluebird North Songwriters' Circle w/Don Brownrigg, Kim Harris,
Catahoula Brown, Lewis MacKinnon, host Mel Farrimond at the Music Room
Dub Kartel w/Zulkamoon, Sensi Bros at the Seahorse
The Fox and the Moon w/Norman MacDonald, Willie Stratton at the Company House

Oh What a Night! A tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons at the Cohn

The Four Seasons, "Big Girls Don't Cry"