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Plenty to see and do this weekend

A cool movie kicks off the weekend tonight at NSCAD's Bell Auditorium:
The Punk Singer, a doc about riot grrrl pioneer Kathleen Hanna.
Proceeds go to this summer's Rebel Girl Rock Camp.


Julie Doiron, Magnolia, Jon McKiel in Hell's Kitchen
Grand Theft Bus, Coyote, Pioneer at the Seahorse
April Wine at the Schooner Room (also Sat)

Construction and Destruction, Willie Stratton, Walrus, Wax Mannequin
at Gus's Pub
Russian Roulette II w/Take Part, Old Blood, Jessie Brown, Orchid's
Curse, Carmen Townsend, Rain Over St. Ambrose at the Seahorse
Philip Phillips at the Sportsplex

The March Hare w/Sherman Downey & The Ambiguous Case, Rex Brown, Paul
Dean, Wayne Hunt, Lisa Moore, Daniel Payne, Stephanie Payne, Agnes
Walsh at The Carleton, 2pm

Magnolia, "Cold Dry Hands"
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