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Beyond the Olympics this weekend

Mimi (or A Poisoner's Comedy)
Feb 19-23 at Neptune Studio
TheatreSpeak presents a musical farce based on the true story of the
French serial killer Marquise de Brinvilliers.

The Studio Series: Hot Dance on Cold Nights
Feb. 22-23, at DANSpace
Kinetic Studio presents a series of contemporary works featuring
Sometimes in Nova Scotia with Kelly Keenan, Kathleen Doherty and
Katelyn McCulloch, Margot B├ęgin-Gillis and Liliona Quarmyne. $10/$5,


The Odd Socks w/A Powerful Sturgeon, Eyes On Caroline, Old Whiskey
Shipwreck at Michael's
Silverstein w/Sleepshaker, Of Vice & Virtue, Predecessor at the Pavilion
Tribute to LCD Soundsystem at the Seahorse

The Freemasons, Nap Eyes, Saffrons at Gus
Signal Hill is releasing a new record at the Lower Deck
Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker w/Neon Dreams, Floodland at Marquee

Chicago at the Metro Centre

Chicago, "Saturday in the Park"