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It's spring, really! Enjoy!


Hey Rosetta and Soho Ghetto play a benefit for the Red Cross at the Cunard Centre
Orchid's Curse releases its new LP Words with Black Moor and Pith at the Seahorse
CKDU fundraiser cover show at Michael's: Slippery People as Talking Heads, Quiet Parade as Marilyn Manson, Glory Glory as Radiohead

Division Street, Gillian Austin and the Brambles, the Sorrys at Gus'
Scott Nicks for Leo McKay's book launch at 1313 Hollis 7-9pm
The Lucy Grays w/Colour Code, This Ship, The Nature Boys

Marianas Trench, Down with Webster, Anami Vice at the Metro Centre
Miss Ally Fund Benefit: Morgan Davis w/Corey and Anthony Adams, Mike Trask, The Holder Newts, Karen Lizotte, Don Donahue, Kelly Fawcett, The Mark Green Band and The 24 The Street Wailers at Bearly's

Colour Code, "I Believe"