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Movies: A Royal Affair opens at the Oxford, plus they're showing To Kill A Mockingbird on Saturday and Sunday. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone opens.

Events: Eye Level Gallery's annual night of nostalgic mortification, Dear Diary, is on Friday at 8pm at FRED. Come and read your awful youthful journals!

Theatre: Eastern Front Theatre hosts Hali-Wood Squares as a fundraiser at Neptune on Sat. Squares include Cathy Jones, Jackie Torrens, Megan Leslie and Bill Wood.

Music: On Friday, Scientists of Sound, KDZ, Pineo at the Seahorse. On Saturday, Heartbreak A Stranger EP release at The Company House. Hitman CD release w/Sanktuary at Michael's. Lake Names EP w/Muncho Joe and Out There at Gus'. And on Sunday, Bad Lads EP release Sunday at the Seahorse. Gus' is having a St Patty's marathon: Billie Dre and the Poor Boys w/Like a Motorcycle, The Graboids, Sheepman, Psychic Fair, The Scoop Outs, This Ship, Dyscontrol, Woods Bros Band, Walrus, The Grubbies, The Sorrys, Napeyes.

Tune: Lake Names, "The Ostrich."

How fun is this song! (Long intro though, cut some of it if you want.)