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Oscars and more this weekend!

A big weekend for movie and music lovers, with the Oscars happening Sunday night. Lots going on before that, however:

Vile Passeist Theatre presents The Roaring Girl, a drama/musical on until Sunday at Neptune Studio. Set in the 17th century, it's about a woman named Moll who refuses to conform to the gender stereotypes of the time. $25/$15

The Vagina Monologues presented by The Saint Mary's Women's Centre at a new location each day: Friday at SMU (McNally Theatre) and Saturday at the Company House (Feb 23). $10/$15


Joel Plaskett opens for Stuart McLean at the Cohn
New Music Friday w/The Whiskey Kisses, The Will Be Gones, The Shakedown Combo
Jay Smith at Rockbottom
Willie Stratton and the Boarding Party w/Callum Isaac, Ostrea Lake at Coburg Coffee House

Heather Green, Minus World, Willie Stratton and Carmen Townsend at the Oval (cool!)
Feels w/Mark Grundy, Sea Glasses, Robert Loveless at 1313
An Evening with Bill Stevenson at St. Andrew's United Church
Los Primos 13th Annual Dance at the Dirty O

Willie Stratton, "River Pt. 2"