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If the storm doesn't keep you in ...

Well if you can get out this weekend there's plenty to do:

Six Characters in Search of An Author at David MackMurray in the basement of the Cohn. This is a Dal show directed by Ken Schwartz from Two Planks and a Passion: A director, his cast, and crew are interrupted during rehearsal by the entrance of six characters. Abandoned by their author, the characters request help in bringing their story to artistic completion. Fri + Sat 8pm (2pm Sat)

Zulkamoon w/The Caravan at Michael's
Tribute to Guns N Roses and Motley Crew w/The Wet Bandits at the Seahorse

The Blind Boys of Alabama at the Cohn
Fun dance night at Michael's: Hard Candy w/Eviction, Jules Bangsworth, Wiley Kyoto
Paper Beat Scissors w/Klarka Weinwurm, JJ Purple at 1313 Hollis

Paper Beat Scissors, "Once"