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Entertainment suggestions a day early!

The Atlantic Film Festival wraps up on a single block of Spring Garden Road tonight:

At Park Lane you can hit the official awards ceremony at 6:30pm, followed bu the closing gala, A Royal Affair. The last batches of shorts, programs 5 and 6, are at 7:10. The final party kicks off at the Lord Nelson at 9pm. And then The ABCs of Death--featuring an entry from Jason Eisener--closes the whole thing out at 11:59pm.


The annual Prismatic Festival kicked off last week and features 47 performances from artists and troupes all across the country. Highlights include:

Hawk or How He Plays His from the host Onelight Theatre is on at the Neptune Studio until September 29, following a young musician torn between a traditional life on his reservation or a contemporary one in the city.

A Man A Fish Burundi is a reading by Toronto playwright Donna-Michelle St. Bernard about a fisherman who gets caught up in unfortunate personal and financial situations. September 21 at the Sonic Temple, 5:30pm, $5

Like any good festival Prismatic closes out with a dance party on Saturday at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Featuring Reeny Smith, Galveston Barnaby and Dustin Isaac Googoo, it's all ages!



Jenn Grant releases her terrific new record at the Spatz Theatre in Citadel High with Jennah Barry
CKDU Dance Party w/Jaguar Knight, AA Wallace, Girls Would Kill at the Seahorse

Diminished Fifth Records' six-year anniversary w/Iron Giant, Orchid's Curse, The Daisy Anthesis and a secret band


NSCAD's Back to School special w/Buck 65, Matt Mays, Tanya Davis, Ria Mae, Ghettosocks, Acres and Acres in the NSCAD courtyard

Jenn Grant, "I Want You Back"