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Plenty to enjoy this weekend!

Lots of fun music to rock your weekend!

A big PEI-centric show with English Words, Boxer the Horse, Molly Rankin and the Danks at Michael's
Kim Harris releases She'd Say Otherwise w/Don Brownrigg and a whack of guests at the Coho
The Hopping Penguins 30th Anniversary (!!) at Stayner's
New Music Fridays w/Erin Costelo, Jennah Barry, Seamus Erskine and Jess Healy at the Harboufront Lounge

The CKDU Picnic in the Common with Dark for Dark, Samba Nova, Nick Everett, Al Tuck, Rich Aucoin
Jonestown: Artist Halloway Jones hosts a day of music and art with performances by Dream Friends, Special Costello, Organ Magic, Slum Lord, The Cannisters, Weirdo Click and Like a Motorcycle. at the BusStop
Keith Urban at the Metro Centre

Jennah Barry, "Slow Dance"