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Entertainment: February 2012 Archives

Oscars, and more!

you don't have Oscar fever there is still plenty for you to do--this is a very diverse and interesting music weekend for the dying days of February!


Garage-pop duo Cousins starts a huge North American tour (two months!) at the Khyber with guests ISBN and Mike O'Neill (who releases his new album on Wednesday at the Carleton)
Carmen Townsend w/Broken Ohms and Like a Motorcycle at the Seahorse
A punk cover show at Michael's with Too Tough To Die (as The Ramones), envision (as Minor Threat), members of The Fat Stupids, The Graboids and Intoxicide (as Black Flag) and members of The Cannisters and The .Gifs (The Gun Club)
Take it to the Tiki FINALS at the Casino--the winner of this band battle gets a showcase at Canadian Music Week next month --with Adam Baldwin, Sprag Session, Soho Ghetto and Rain Over St. Ambrose
Dave Marsh & The True Love Rules, Seamus Erskine, Panos and The Undead Thommies at the Khyber
Cool salsa dance/show at Olympic Hall: Los Primos Dance w/Latin Groove, Los Primos Satellite Bands, NSCC Latin R&B, Halifax Salseros, Tony Rodriguez, Avi Garcia and Maikel Ante Fajardo
Musicians for Farmers at St Andrews Church on Coburg w/Tanya Davis, Banded Stilts, Acres and Acres, Jeff Torbert, Keith Mullins, Mary Grace Koile and Julia Feltham

Big punk-pop show at the Metro Centre w/Simple Plan, Marianas Trench, All Time Low and These Kids Wear Crowns

Mike O'Neill, "Henry," from Wild Lines

Your weekend entertainment


Wendy Lill's Corker at Pond Playhouse - on until March 3

The Sex Festival is on this month:
Pluto's Playthings is an evening of 1930s Weimar cabaret created by Thom Fitzgerald. Stewart Legere stars in a night of burlesque, music & drama.
It's on until Sunday February 19, 8pm
Plutonium Playhouse, 2315 Hunter Street

Monsieur Lazhar, This Means War

-FeBREWary Fest at the Oasis w/Hello John Project, Floodland, The Regal Beagle Band
-Johnny Favourite (!!) at Stayner's

-We Need Secrets 7-inch release at the Khyber w/Bad Vibrations, Sea Glasses, Wet Denim
-Bike Rodeo, Writers' Strike and Kuato at Michael's
-Swingology Parisian dance party at the Coho

Writers' Strike with "Stay Down"

Get out and join in the fun!

This is an interesting and varied music weekend, a bright spot in the middle of this oddly green winter:

Soho Ghetto releases Humble Beginnings Make for Good Night Life with Mike O'Neill and The North Lakes at The Seahorse
Singer-songwriters Emm Gryner and Mo Kenney are at The Company House
A really cool thing at 1313 Hollis: Punk poetry with the release of Amphetamine Heart, plus performances by Catbag, Old and Weird and the Friendly Dimension
At the Maritime Museum (cool venue!): African Nova Scotian music w/Henry Bishop's Drum Group, Kim Bernard, El Jones, Dutch Robinson and Cyndi Cain

A pair of different-decade past blasts: 80s glam-rockers Platinum Blonde are at the Casino and west coast hip-hopper Swollen Members are at the Toothy Moose
Dancing at the Seahorse with Tupper Ware Remix Party, Alright Already, Gigas and Slumbercat

Soho Ghetto, "Day of Saints and Lovers"