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Enjoy the Valentines Weekend

The annual V-Day production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina
, this one produced by the SMU Women's Centre and Avalon
Sexual Health, is roving around town: Fri Feb 14, 7pm, Menz & Mollyz
Bar; Sat Feb 15, 8pm, TheCompany House. $15/$10


Paper Lions, Monomyth, Mardeen at the Marquee
Bill Stevenson's Valentine party at the Casino
More Amore: A Valentine's cabaret at the Seahorse w/Stuart Hiseler and
Karen Myatt
Soho Ghetto at the Carleton

Brett Ryan releases Love Simplified at Stayner's
Olympic Party w/Party Boots, Zulkamoon, Jeremiah Sparks, Joe
Haidar,Jana Hrdinova, Marcel Nazabal, Anderson 7 at the Seahorse
The Stampeders at the Casino

Mardeen, "Oh Dad"