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Summertime fun for the weekend!

July 15, 2011 8:04 AM

Music continues to dominate July, with a busy weekend ahead for fans of all stripes!

The Halifax Jazz Festival rolls to its conclusion this weekend after a successful first year on the waterfront. Some highlights on the final two days: FRIDAY has a free Shirley Jackson show at the tent at 2:30, Paul Simons Trio at the helipad at 4:30 and Jeff Reilly at St. Matthew's Church at 7pm. SATURDAY is a fun, up-with-people sort of day featuring Charles Spearin's Happiness Project with guests Mary Jane Lamond and Jerry Granelli at St. Matt's (7pm) and old-school hip-hop legends Digable Planets at the Tent to close out the whole event.

Plenty of non-jazz stuff too:

Friday: Ruth Minnikin plays Tunes at Noon in Grand Parade for free
Saturday: Cousins releases a new 7" at the Khyber with Dream Friends and Construction & Destruction; Ryan MacGrath and Alana Yorke are at FRED and at the Seahorse will be tributes to Blondie, XTC and Ween.
Sunday: Ron Hynes at the Carleton

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