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February 2012 Archives

Moncton Miracles wrap up season

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

Tune in to 106.1 FM Thursday morning after 7:30 am to hear Kate Letterick's interview with players Matt Robertson and Darrell Wonge.

(By the way, Kate is 5'9)

Car-LESS-ly devoted

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9028.jpg

What's it going to take to reduce the use of your automobile? The city of Moncton's Melissa Lee (right) and the planning commission's Ginny Cosgrove talk to Vanessa today about various options people can chose.

Fresh start for the Sewerage Commission

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9027.jpg

After a period of tumult, the Greater Moncton Sewerage Commission has a new board. New members Brian Hicks and Winston Pearce talk about new priorities.

Canada's Country Gentleman

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

Tommy Hunter is doing four stops in New Brunswick on his farewell tour. He'll perform Thursday night at the Wesleyan Celebration Centre in Moncton and Friday night at the James M. Hill Theatre in Miramichi.

Here's part of his conversation with Jonna Brewer.

Referees and abuse

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

Jonna Brewer talks the head of the group that runs the Canadian School of Hockey Officiating about a recent rowdy game in Rothesay over the weekend.

Hoofing it in Iceland

Posted by Danny Deveau

Angie Vickers and Nathalie Forrest of Miramichi talk to Jonna about preparing for a six day trek in Iceland to help people with arthritis. Visit the Arthritis Society website for more information.

Comment dit-on "see you in court"?

Posted by Danny Deveau

As Dieppe takes legal action against companies over its bilingual sign bylaw, the CEO of enterprise Greater Moncton is urging business owners to get with the times.

Pierre Battah on non-profit work

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

What's profitable about working in the not-for-profit industry? Our workplace columnist has some tips for not-for-profit employees and employers.

Coming off the boil

Posted by Danny Deveau

There could soon be some relief for residents of Dieppe's Dover Estates. The residents have been under a boil water order for much of the past three months due to a conflict between the park's owner and the City of Dieppe over unpaid water bills. Dover Estates resident Richrd Gauthier talks about the surprise agreement that helped break an impasse.

Surprising Black History

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9026.jpg

Skip Talbot (left) and Carlo DiBonaventura talk to Jonna about Tuesday's Black History month event happening in Moncton. The event includes the launch of a book that documents ealy black presence in this province.

Political primer

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9025.jpg

Moncton city councillor Kathryn Barnes (right) and city clerk Barb Quigley talk to Jonna about Monday's "Municipal Café". It happening from 4 to 7:30 at City Hall and is designed to increase voter turnout for the upcoming election and encourage residents to run to city council.

Hilary Bonnell's mother waits for justice

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

Hilary.JPGPam Fillier's daughter, Hilary Bonnell, was killed more than two years ago. Fillier says several court delays in the case have been hard on her family.

(photo: RCMP)

The pets stay....for now

Posted by Danny Deveau

The Department of Social Development will review its policy for pet owners who live in subsidized housing.

Cuba singing

Posted by Danny Deveau

blair in Trinidad Cuba.jpg

Blair Lawrence on one of the streets of Cienfuegos, southeast of Havana. He's one of 23 members of Moncton's Neil-Michaud Choir on a cultural exchange in Cuba.

Teachers versus bullies

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

When bullying doesn't stop, many blame the teachers. Wednesday on Information Morning, we heard what teachers have to say about that.

Cramped quarters

Posted by Danny Deveau

A woman whose parents live in a nursing home in St Louis de Kent says the staff members are terrific but the facility needs to be replaced.

Bittersweet resolution

Posted by Danny Deveau

Dani Sonier learned yesterday he can keep his dog Molly, even though it goes against policy for people living in subsidized housing. But his mother tells Jonna that she's concerned now for her neighbours facing a similar predicament.

Spinning wheels

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9024.jpg

Dawn Parke and André Gaudet of the Moncton YMCA talk to Jonna about this Saturday's Spin-a-thon. The five-hour event is a fundraiser for the Y's partnerships with communities in Honduras and Columbia. For more information, check out

Pets must go

Posted by Danny Deveau

Molly the dog has been given her eviction notice from NB Housing. Her companion is a 19-year-old man with cerebral palsy who depends on the dog to help him get through difficult and painful therapy sessions.

I was a teenage bully

Posted by Danny Deveau

A former mean girl confronts her childhood past when her own daughter becomes a victim of bullying.

Community supports Kendric Campbell

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc


Hundreds of people in Greater Moncton ate pancakes Saturday morning to raise money for a three-year-old boy fighting a rare type of cancer. CBC reporter Kate Letterick spoke with his aunt, Laura Williamson.

Photo: courtesy of the Campbell family

The evolution of discrimination

Posted by Danny Deveau


Workplace issues specialist Pierre Battah has been looking into the latest stats on complaints of discrimination. It's still happening in spite of the laws and the best intentions of workplace policies.

How to stop a bully

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9023.jpg

Psychologist Charles Emmrys of Moncton talks about approaches that work, and others that don't.

Out of Africa

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9022.jpg

Moncton's Emily Morgan talks to Jonna about scaling the tallest heights of Africa and then walking in the shadows of the continent's greatest tragedy.

MHS land deal

Posted by Danny Deveau

Reporter Marc Genuist looks into the $1.4 million deal for the Royal Oaks subdivision land where the new Moncton High School will be built. The deal has its defenders, but critics think the province spent too much.

(Photo: Marc Genuist)

Bullying, Part 2

Posted by Danny Deveau

A Fredericton mother makes a discovery that shakes her to very core. Part two of our story on acts that went beyond bullying.

Harrrison Trimble tradition

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9021.jpg

Jill Saunders (left) and Stacey Duff talked to Jonna about the Harrison Trimble Teacher's Variety Show that will be breaking 44 years of tradition by also performing for the general public. It's happening Saturday at the school's Owen Fraser Auditorium.

Mother speaks out against bullying

Posted by Danny Deveau

A mother comes forward to talk about the extremes she went to trying to protect her daughter from school bullies three years ago.

Inflating inflation?

Posted by Danny Deveau

Dan Noel is our business and finance watcher. He talks to Jonna about a proposal to change the way our inflation rate is determined. The current method is now under review amid beliefs that it's over-estimating that rate.

Seismic shift

Posted by Danny Deveau

Tom Alexander of SWN Resources Canada says the company is getting ready to explore for oil and natural gas. This time, the company has its sights set on seismic testing in Kent County.

A conversation with Bruce Cockburn

Posted by Danny Deveau

Legendary Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn talks to Jonna in a wide-ranging interview that goes from his memories of driving off the road during a New Brunswick snowstorm to his recent thought-provoking trip to entertain the troops in Afghanistan. Cockburn's New Brunswick concert tour starts Thursday night at Moncton's Capitol theatre.

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Death by PowerPoint

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc


We've all sat through painful, ineffective presentations by bosses and colleagues. Why is it so many of us are so bad at communicating our ideas to a group? Our workplace columnist Pierre Battah shares his thoughts and tips.

Pet positions

Posted by Danny Deveau

The two sides of the no-cat policy in NB Housing units. First, Social Development minister Sue Stultz followed by Kelly Sherrard, who protested the polity at Stultz's constituency office in Moncton Monday.

Lost in Love

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

Jen & Russell.JPG
A Saint John woman's audio valentine to a singer who was her teen idol. She finally connected with him last year at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton.

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Seniors in cat fight

Posted by Danny Deveau

li-nb-pet-ban-620.jpgSeniors like Agnes Burgess-Mitchell who live in New Brunswick Housing Authority apartments are facing eviction if they keep their pets. Mitchell told reporter Frederique Charest she's distraught about losing her cat.

Lights. Camera. Repeat.

Posted by Danny Deveau

Grade 8 student Megan Dobbin and teacher Douglas Stewart talk about what the Sackville Middle School immersion class learned while making an animation/stop-motion film about a historial event that happened during the start of the Acadian Deportation. The three-minute film is competing against other schools, including one from Kent County, for a chance to win a trip to Banff for the whole class. Try this link if you want to vote:
Voting ends on Feb 21.

Crunching the numbers

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9020.jpg

Economic development consultant David Campell's take on this week's NB census figures? If you set the bar low enough, any growth is exciting.

Park it....for 40 years?

Posted by Danny Deveau


The way Moncton city councillor Brian Hicks reads the contract, the developer that built the Rogers call centre may get free parking for the next four decades.

Three's a crowdfunding challenge

Posted by Danny Deveau

The musical trio Vishten, which got it's start more than a decade ago when two of the members attended l"Université de Moncton, is hoping to fund it's fourth album via a social media campaign. Vanessa Blanch talks to band member Pastelle LeBlanc.

Michael's story

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc

Michael Wartman.JPGIn the last years of his life, Michael Wartman was considered a hero by many. He moved back to Moncton, publicly declared his HIV status and worked hard to lessen the stigma associated with the disease. But on September 15th, 2000, Michael Wartman passed away. Since his death, his family has carried on his work and they've just won a national award. The CBC's Kate Letterick spoke with his sister, Patti Wartman.

Comedic twist

Posted by Danny Deveau

HubCap12 004.jpg

It was the first time this happened in the 12-year history of the CBC Open Mic contest that helped launch the 2012 edition of the Hubcap Comedy Fest.

Hack attack

Posted by Danny Deveau

Dan Noel, Information Morning's business and finance watcher, reports on cases where investor funds are being stolen through hacked email accounts.

A comic move

Posted by Danny Deveau

Lower Sackville's Nikki Payne talks about moving to the Moncton area on a permanent basis. She'll be using it as a home base for her stand-up comedy travels.

Denying discrimination

Posted by Danny Deveau

Craig DeMarta, assistant general manager of Casino New Brunswick, says it's not true five cocktail waitresses were fired for refusing to wear sexy Vegas-style uniforms.

Mingling with Minglewood

Posted by Danny Deveau

Jonna's full-length interview with Moncton-born veteran blues rocker Matt Minglewood, who's embarking on a mini-tour of New Brunswick.

Handle with care

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc


A public works labourer in Moncton who was injured on the job is calling on people to be more careful when they throw away glass. Brian Cawdle was hurt during garbage collection a couple of weeks ago in one of several incidents where waste collectors have been cut by improperly bagged glass.

Raw deal?

Posted by Danny Deveau

Some former workers accuse Casino NB of firing them because they don't fit the Vegas-style profile of a cocktail waitress.

Done deal

Posted by Danny Deveau

Marc Genuist reports from the Moncton City council session where councillors were told by a developer that his deal with the province means the new Moncton High School will be built not downtown, but rather on the outskirts of the city in the Royal Oaks subdivision.

Susan succeeds in cancer battle

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9018.jpg
Susan Ehrhardt, with her dog Buster, was Jonna's guest Monday morning for an update on her battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. After seven months of treatment, she's cancer free and won't need more radiation treatment.

Ashley's legacy

Posted by Danny Deveau

Coralee Smith, whose daughter Ashley committed suicide in an Ontario prison in 2007 while guards were watching, addressed more than 500 people this past weekend at the Women and Wellness event. Here is her full speech.

In Mom's memory

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9016.jpg
Alison Davidson has pledged to test herself throughout the year to raise money to fight cancer and pay homage to her mother, Pat Crossman. The former Riverview MLA and longtime school trustee died of breast cancer ten years ago this year. To find out more, check out

Last man standing

Posted by Karin Reid LeBlanc


Some people think the "Occupy Moncton" movement is over, but Matt Bertin is still camping out to protest economic and social inequality. (Photo: Kate Letterick)

You can hear his interview with CBC Reporter Kate Letterick.

Sound of Sexsmith

Posted by Danny Deveau

Jonna talks to the prolific songwriter Ron Sexsmith in advance of Saturday's concert in Moncton

Not-so-friendly skies?

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9015.jpg

A Moncton woman talks about the confusion and concern over airport security measures that could make travel difficult for transgendered people.

Nursing quitters

Posted by Danny Deveau

Catherine Harrop has the story of a nurse in Rogersville who's succeeding in getting people in the village to quit smoking.

Ten Needles

Posted by Danny Deveau

Author Martin LaTulippe talks about adapting his book "Ten Needles" for a chapter in the inaugural French-language version of "Chicken Soup for the Soul."

All for one....

Posted by Danny Deveau

Picture 9014.jpg

...and one for all as Katie Cooper-Butland, Brad Butland and the rest of the cast and crew of the Hubcity Theatre company mount a production of The Three Muskateers. It's happening at Empress Theatre in Moncton. Tickets are $20 for adults, $16 for those 13 and under. Performances are Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m., with a Saturday matinee at 3.

Micro-managed to bits?

Posted by Danny Deveau

Provincial affairs reporter Jacques Poitras investigates some pushback from a construction company accusing the province of making it impossible to finish a job ontime.