Haiti - One Year Later

January 11, 2011 2:18 PM

New Brunswick's Ombudsman and Child and Youth Advocate, Bernard Richard, travelled to Haiti to see how people are coping a year after the earthquake. The disaster killed more than 200 000 people and left more than a million homeless. Richard is the chair of the board of directors for Plan International Canada, an NGO that raises money for children's programs around the world, including Haiti. He returned to New Brunswick on Monday, January 10.

Here are some photos from the trip, along with notes provided by Bernard Richard.

NEWHaiti 052.jpg

This one was taken while we visited the CAD (boys' shelter) in Ganthier where the surviving girls from the CAD shelter in Carrefour Feuilles were placed after the earthquake. I had visited both these shelters in September 2008. The CAD (Centre d'Action pour le Développement) is a Haitian NGO that tries to return the "restavec" children to their birth families (or an uncle, an aunt or grandparents) and provides support to help with the reintegration.

Rubble 2011 057.jpg

This is what's left of the girls' shelter at Carrefour Feuilles that I had visited in September 2008. The CAD takes in children who are known as "restavecs" in Haiti, children who are given or sold to work as domestics and who often end up physically or sexually abused. Many consider it no less than modern day slavery. Five of the girls died in the earthquake.

Kids 2011 038.jpg

Inside a safer place for children at Camp Nouailles.

camp 2011 007.jpg

Another small camp near Port au Prince. There are many of these of course as well as thousands of individual tents spattered across the city near destroyed homes or other buildings.

Camp2 2011 018.jpg

Construction of better temporary housing at Camp Corail.

Haiti 2011 043.jpg

This is from a meeting with the camp committee at Camp Nouailles. The five persons on the right are members of the camp committee. Those in the middle are Plan Haiti staff members. Marie Staunton, CEO of Plan UK, (next to me) and Rosemary McCarney, CEO of Plan Canada, are also in the photo. We heard from the committee members about the challenges of the camp (getting access to clean water, insuring stability as the camp is located on lands that are privately owned and eventual relocation to better housing).

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