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The Christmas Cartoon for David Burke

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Merry Christmas to all the staff at "Information Morning".

All the best for the New Year. (Enclosed is a cartoon for the season!)

Barry Smith


Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl 1b.jpgA juvenile snowy owl spotted in Hugh Cameron's hayfield in Scotsville on Saturday November 5th. Our bird experts Dave & Dave say snowy owls are an uncommon sight in Cape Breton. The juveniles will sometimes show up here when their primary food source - lemmings - is scarce farther north. Unfortunately, many of the snowy owls that find their way to Cape Breton are so emaciated and weak that they will not survive the winter.



On Sunday, Oct. 09th, 2011 - amateur pilot Chris Law flew over the site of the M/V Miner which is aground off Scaterie Island, Cape Breton. Here are some of his photos. 

Scaterie Island 02.jpg

 Scaterie Island 01.jpg 

Scaterie Island 03.jpg+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Songwriting Camp in Ingonish, Cape Breton.
(Photos by Norma Jean MacPhee)

Breagh MacKinnon and Natalie Lynn work on their co-writing skills with Grammy Award winner Gordie Sampson.


Left to Right: Breagh MacKinnon, Gordie Sampson and Natalie Lynn 

Recording engineer Mike Sheppard lays down demo tracks of the new songs with participants Dylan Guthro and Evan Meisner.


Left to Right: Mike Sheppard, Dylan Guthro and Evan Meisner 


The return and reconstruction of the St. Paul Island Lighthouse in Dingwall, CB.
(Photos by Norma Jean MacPhee) 










SM_6382web.jpgThese are pictures of a house finch (often confused with a purple finch) photographed by Susan King in Whitney Pier, she reported her observations on the May 2011 edition of The Bird Hour. 


Gord Gillis took pictures of this male pileated woodpecker working on a nesting site along Gillis Lake Road.  April 2011

pileated woodpecker 1.jpeg

pileated woodpecker 3.JPG


DSC08077.jpgIn February 2011, we interviewed 22-year-old Darcy Harte of Louisbourg, who was in the process of building an old-fashioned-style dory. 
(Find the interview under  'podcast archives'  or  LISTEN NOW)

DSC08123.jpgWell, the job's complete!   Darcy gave the dory to his dad, Ian, who dubbed it "Foggy" 
(a perfect name for Louisbourg).  Here's boatbuilder Darcy and skipper Ian at the launch!


Snowbanks on North Mountain, Cape Breton Island, early 2011.






Some photos of an object going throught the sky Thursday evening, February 24, 2011 that sparked our interest and the interest of our listeners.
Listeners emailed and called to say they saw the object and determined it was the Space Shuttle.
Photos courtesy of Ian Harte


Glace Bay Flag in Afghanistan

Members of the Canadian Forces currently deployed as part of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan take a few moments to demonstrate their hometown pride.  The three descendants from Glace Bay are a testament that wherever you go in this world, you are bound to run into a Cape Bretoner.  This photo was taken during a resupply mission to one of the Forward Operating Bases.  The exceedingly rare flag of the old town of Glace Bay was tracked down with the help of CBC listener Betty Crocker from Mira, after Warrant Officer Jessome issued a plea via the Information Morning airwaves.

The Bay Boys 1.jpgFrom left to Right: Master Corporal Corrie McPhee, Corporal Tommy Burke, Warrant Officer Dan Jessome 


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